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Colorado Rapid Response Network

Witnessing ICE activity, or think you might be? Want to report a past interaction with ICE? Call the Rapid Response Hotline. Whether a raid or some other kind of law enforcement activity is occurring, CORRN verifies what is happening.  A call to the Hotline activates several of the network’s hundreds of trained volunteers to go to the site and document what is happening. If it’s not an immigration raid, we dispel rumors and calm fears in the community.  

What is Rapid Response?

Callers can use the 24-7 hotline either to report ongoing ICE activity or to document a past experience with ICE. If the call is for current activity, trained volunteers will respond at the scene to document the activity and ensure that all those involved know their rights.

If not, the caller can leave a message and a member of the CORRN DocuTeam will follow up with them to record the details of their  story. Documentation is used to monitor police/ICE collaboration, detect patterns that can guide our legislative efforts, and build a strong statewide network of people resisting deportations in their own communities. The testimonies of directly impacted people helped Colorado repeal our “show me your papers” law that forced local police to act as ICE agents in 2013. 

Witnessing ICE activity, or think you might be?

  1. Call 1-844-864-8341 and dial 1 to speak with a dispatcher
  2. The dispatcher will ask for more location and situation details from you, then send trained volunteers to the scene
  3. If an ICE raid is occurring, volunteers will record the event, seek to identify the agents participating, and remind those involved of their constitutional rights.
  4. After the incident, if possible, volunteers will follow up to connect you with a local member of CIRC’s statewide DocuTeam, who will work with you to document the event and refer you to legal resources if necessary.

Want to report a past interaction with ICE?

  1. Call 1-844-864-8341 and dial 2 to leave a message. Make sure to your phone number and town.
  2. A nearby DocuTeam member will reach out to you within three to four business days and work with you to document the incident.

Similar services available:

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Our Immigrant Family Initiative provides mental health services specifically to families and children who are experiencing trauma or stress as a result of their immigration status or situation. Services offered to families experiencing trauma due to immigration. Services Available Trainings- empower families in growth and well- being Support groups- to share stories and heal from experiences. Individual/family therapy- bilingual therapists with experience with immigration issues who individuals and families through, heal, and overcome experiences.

Disability Support and Education Services-El Grupo Vida Colorado

El Grupo VIDA is a network of Hispanic/Latino parents formed to provide mutual support for people with disabilities or special needs, their parents, family, and guardians.

Programs for Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers- Motherwise

MotherWise empowers women and their families to thrive during pregnancy and after a new baby is born.

Grief Counseling Services- Judi’s House

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