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Left Behind Workers Fund

The Left Behind Workers Fund aims to provide financial assistance to workers in Colorado who won’t receive stimulus checks or other Federal financial aid. The fund distributes cash grants to individuals and families across the state.

Together with trusted non-profit partners that specifically serve lower wage workers and undocumented immigrants, The Left Behind Workers Fund disperses payments of $1,000 to those impacted by the pandemic. The goal is to empower people who do not have access to any relief programs, to address their most pressing needs (food, rent, bills, health, transportation, etc.). Payment options are flexible for both banked and unbanked individuals.


As of December 2020, $9,067,000 distributed, 9,067 people have received direct cash grants of $1,000 | 16,080 Children benefiting | 39 Colorado Counties assisted

    Reported Fund use:

        63% Housing

        19% Bill/Healthcare/Utilities

        14% Food

LBWF Rental Assistance

 As of December 2020, $2.5 million in rent has been committed for 939 households which include 1,819 children.


Donations to this fund will benefit workers across the State of Colorado.

You can donate to support the fund here.

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